What literary techniques does the author employ in achieving his or her purpose?

The author employs various literary techniques in achieving his purpose. The first is the use of parenthesis during his prose. This begins to take full effect during chapter 7. This is used mainly to describe the complexity of his thoughts. The parenthetical phrases often show thoughts that are taking place in his mind concurrently. They also display emotions, which tends to distract from Grendels nihilistic views. This reminds the reader that Grendel still retains some of the mindset he had prior to his meeting with the dragon. In this chapter, Gardner also employs outline form numbered lists. This shows how he is becoming more rational in this thinking. It is also a pretense of his human characteristics. The describes how the humans use order to group random facts into a system of belief. Grendel is beginning to do somewhat of the same thing in his organized lists. This changing of style shows how Grendel is maturing in his beliefs and ideas. He is also beginning to become unsatisfied with the way things are and is experimenting. Gardner uses this varied word structure to demonstrate this.