Anlgo-Saxon Invasion
After the original settlers of England and Ireland, the Brythons and Gaels the Romans took over. Led by Julius Caesar the Romans invaded Britain and then ruled there for 300 years. In A.D. 407 the Romans left Britain to go defend Rome. Then, around 450 the Anglo-Saxons came and took over in England. They gradually came and settled in towns forming what would become modern day England including Kent, Wessex, Sussex.

Spread of Christianity
During the time the Romans lived in England they introduced Christianity to Britain. When they left England they took their faith with them and it continued to thrive even after the fall of Rome. In 597 A.D. St. Augustine founded a Christian monastery in Kent; this monastery was inhabited by monks for 600 years. This is the beginning of the reintroduction of Christianity to England. In 635 Monk Aidan was sent to Northern England to convert the people to Christianity. Several other monks had been sent to England to help convert thee people.

King John Signs Magna Carta
In 1199 King John took the throne as the King of England. As soon as he became king, John had probelms. Everything he did was controversial: him be coming king rather than his nephew, they way he delt with French territories and the French King, elections of religious authorities, and taxes. The people of England were not happy with the way things were being run. In 1215 a group of barons got together and went to London. They forced King John to sign the “Articles of the Barons.” When King John signed this document the barons agreed to remain loyal to the King and to England. In July of 1215 the king's people created a formal document to record the agreement: this was the original Magna Carta. By signing this document King John granted civil rights to the people of England for the very first time, it also gave less power to the king.