Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

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A century later, English monks were interested in writing another historical record of English history. Using Bede's work as their main source of information, they were able to write The Angle-Saxon Chronicle in English, versus Latin. In the Chronicle along with the information from Bede's work, they compiled oral stories that had been passed down throughout time, as well as more specific details about royal lineages and battles. An advantage that the authors of this historical work had, was the fact that they had several people working together to input different facts and historical facts. This allowed them to have a more complete work because more research could be conducted with more writers. Another important difference between the Chronicle and Bede's work is the use of specific dates. Some of this writing was set up like a timeline, and included events and important people during the different years.

Why do you think that the monks who authored the Chronicle felt that it was important to write their book in English instead of Latin?

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