Identify the correct verb:
1)Teddy slowly and lazily (walks/walk) to school every morning.

2)The physical education class (runs/run) around the track to warm up before doing any activity.

3)Each of the students in Mr.Conlay's class (are/is) going to make a presentation on their hero.

4)Javier (doesn't/don't) shower unless he has a date.

5)Juan Flores nor Anna (are/is) able to distinguish between right and wrong.

6)The scissors (don't/doesn't) cut very well so I decided to throw them to the trash.

7)Yoari (talk/talks) very much even if the teacher is giving a discussion.

8)One hundred dollars (is/are) a lot of money to pay for a pair of shoes.

9)Kangoroos and koalas (make/makes) Australia one of the most visited places in the world.

10)The soccer players (were/was) out of shape after not practicing for the whole summer.

11) The largest planet in the solar system (has/have) some of the smallest moons.